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Sons of the Forest: How to use Log Cabin as shelter

Published: 11:57, 25 February 2023
Endnight Games
Sons of the Forest small log cabin
Sons of the Forest small log cabin

Building your first cabin in Sons of the Forest may be a monumental task but the result could be underwhelming until you figure out how to use it.

Log cabin might take you more than a day to build in Sons of the Forest and depending on where you build it, you might have trouble staying alive.

Upon finishing the build, however, you might find it to be underwhelming as it lacks the basic shelter's functions of saving and sleeping and even the door doesn't work properly.

Thankfully, both of those issues can be resolved relatively painlessly although Endnight dropped the ball with one aspect.

If you want to enable saving and sleeping in the cabin, you will need to build a bed in it. Keep in mind that the cabin is small and placing the bed inside is a bit tricky. Just make sure it goes in the opposite end from where the door is.

Speaking of the door, it is bugged in Early Access so you can't open it from the outside. To get into the cabin, you need to either dismantle the door by holding the C button on the keyboard or slashing it with the axe.

Just be careful with the door, you don't want to ruin the cabin on accident.

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