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All the exciting changes that are coming with Sons of the Forest

Published: 04:06, 05 January 2023
This is so terrifying... We love it!
This is so terrifying... We love it!

Sons of the Forest is probably one of the most anticipated survival horror games of the year and we are only a few months away from its release, here are all of the exciting features that it will bring.

2023 has arrived and we are roughly 2 months away from the release of Sons of the Forest . To recap once more, the game is set to release on February 23.

The developers, Endnight Games , have really focused on the features that The Forest was missing and made sure to bring them to the Sons of the Forest.

1. Changes in the season

While the Forest did have locations that featured different weather conditions that lead to different food sources and item discovery and requirements, Sons of the Forest will not limit the harsh changes of season to specific locations but instead, allow them to take over the whole island.

This change opens up a whole new door to survival where players will not have control over when they will expose themselves to low temperatures or lack of nutritious food but instead will have to plan on that happening at any given time.

2. An interesting storyline

Don't get us wrong, the story of the Forest was not necessarily bad, but rather had too many holes in it for the player to stay interested. Sons of the Forest has a storyline that the players will explore at their own pace and what makes it so much more intriguing is that it makes more sense than the story of the Forest.

A random plane crash where players have to look for dead bodies and their son without any background just seems like a recipe for only short-term interest whereas Sons of the Forest has a solid base to work off and build onto. For the true fans of games developed by Endnight, this will be like a trip to the candy store.

3. More environmental manipulation

The Forest had a lot of building options but sadly not a lot of environmental manipulation options. Aside from the ability to cut trees and make garden plots, players were stuck with the environment and area that they chose for their base. 

Sons of the Forest has revealed a new way to manipulate the environment and it is through the ability to dig and retouch the land. Another interesting feature that will be added is the use of scrap for crafting items that the player can use or for building construction.

IGN The trees burning is such a nice touch The trees burning is such a nice touch

4. New cave features

Animals might not be considered enemies since the Forest never pushed animals to be threats to the players with crocodiles and sharks being as rare as unicorns and none of the other animals being hostile towards the players when approached.

The reveal trailers showed more sharks being present in the game and, probably the most exciting bit of the game, in the underground caves as well.

5. Guns and modern equipment

While the Sons of the Forest is a survival game, given what we know about the storyline so far, it would make no sense for the main character to not have modern-day guns and equipment to help them.

The Forest featured a flaregun and a revolver-like gun whose pieces were scrambled across the map and only a few players managed to find all of them, thankfully that will not be the case with Sons of the Forest.

6. New monsters

Lastly, the increase in new and unique monsters is definitely a sight for sore eyes as the exploration of all of their abilities and moves will make the game so much more fun, especially with friends.

The abilities of the monsters to climb walls and change their body construction will leave the true fans of this genre wanting more.


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