All changes we want to see in the Sons of the Forest

Published: 17:38, 23 December 2022
We are so excited to see what the new story is about
We are so excited to see what the new story is about

With only a few months left till the launch of Sons of the Forest, we take a look back at its predecessor, The Forest and gather everything we would like to see either changed, removed or added in the most anticipated horror survival today.

Sons of the Forest is set to launch in February of 2023 and Endnight Games has kept the community at the edge of their seats with all of the teasers and gameplay that have been revealed.

In The Forest, features like digging, and reshaping the environment weren't really a thing aside from the ability to place a gardening area and the usual tree stump cutting, but it seems like that will change in Sons of the Forest and it will open up so many doors for the creative and crafty players. 

It would be interesting to see that and more building options for lakes and the sea implemented into the game. Currently, The Forest features a total of 4 structures meant to go in and over water. 

While players have come up with creative ways to build overwater bases, for those who are less skilled and have less time to explore these ways, a custom overwater base building set would be a great improvement. 

Sons of the Forest What a beautiful scenary What a beautiful scenery

When it comes to the combat in the game, the original combat felt like a 50/50 split between the cannibals being extremely overpowered or extremely passive.

If there were a way to balance out move sets of the cannibals so it is a perfect mix of both passive and aggressive, the game would give the players a more enhanced survival experience where they will not be able to either spam hits or just ignore the cannibals since the cannibals won't attack first at times.

Lastly, seeing different animals, cannibals and monsters will definitely be a sight for sore eyes and the reveal trailer from 2021 does give us a little peek of exactly that and hopefully, there will be more.


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