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MultiVersus adds Stripe and Halloween content

Published: 09:13, 13 October 2022
MultiVersus - Stripe kills an innocent boombox
MultiVersus - Stripe kills an innocent boombox

MultiVersus now has one more character and several additional cosmetics but that players may be unhappy with the state of unlocking.

Stripe from Gremlins is now available in MultiVersus and players can unlock him in exchange for 2,000 Gold, one Character Ticket or 700 Gleamium.

The new Assassin's highly mischievous behaviour is complemented by gadgets that can be utilised to ruin everyone's day, be it by knocking them off the platform or shooting a boombox randomly.

Additionally, Lady Rainicorn announcer pack is now available at the cost of 300 Gleamium, along with several Halloween-themed cosmetics and currency exchange.

Halloween skins include:

  • Mummy Reindog (3,000 Candy)
  • Calico Cake (12,000 Candy)
  • Vampire Tom & Jerry (800 Gleamium)
  • Frankenstein Iron Giant (1,500 Gleamium)
  • Witch Velma (1,500 Gleamium)
  • Black Lantern Superman (2,000 Gleamium)
  • Black Lantern Wonder Woman (2,000 Gleamium)

Players will be largely unhappy with their possibilities during the event as farming up the skins that are available for Candy will easily take over 1000 games in one month, lest you miss the opportunity to unlock them.

Considering we are talking about two skins, one sticker and one profile icon in total, the amount of grind is extremely unfair, which is obviously an attempt to push people to pay for the Stripe skins which double the amount of Candy earned.

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