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MultiVersus adds Rick in the latest update

Published: 09:01, 28 September 2022
Updated: 09:03, 28 September 2022
MultiVersus - Rick joins the fiesta
MultiVersus - Rick joins the fiesta

MultiVersus is one character richer now and the crew with the infamous portal gun adventures is pretty much complete.

Rick Sanchez has joined MultiVersus and he will be taking on the role of a Mage. Considering all the tricks he has up his sleeves, one could easily confuse Rick with a mage if they met him as the genius-level intellect coupled with sci-fi science are quite the wonder to witness.

In any case, he is now available along with Morty, who was added previously, meaning that the core fo the Rick & Morty series is already here and fans can enjoy the iconic teamup.

Should Summer, Beth or even Jerry, join up at a later stage, it could be an interesting family brawl to witness, no night persons needed.

While Rick might put smiles on some faces, the patch notes will do their best to turn the smile into a frown, without attempting to put it back upside down.

The grind to get a character from level three to 15 has been doubled through the additional experience required, which is a baffling move considering higher levels have more powerful mods behind them, which means you will be seeing disadvantaged fights more often.

WB MultiVersus characters MultiVersus has a quite colourful cast of characters

Completing the intro tutorial will now snag you Shaggy instead of Wonder Woman, who can now be unlocked with Gold or Gleamium instead.

There are a few more bug fixes and performance update for consoles in the notes but that XP change is going to leave many players with a sour taste in their mouths. 

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