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WB are now teasing Multiversus over multiple channels

Published: 08:41, 18 November 2021
Updated: 08:42, 18 November 2021
Warner Bros
WB Games
WB Games

Warner Bros' Suoer Smash Bros-like brawler has previously leaked and now the company seems to be hyping the fans up for a proper reveal.

Multiversus leaks initially appeared at the start of November 2021, revealing a potential list of characters, stages and the genre of the game. It would be an SSBB-like title, featuring some of the biggest characters WB had under their wing, like Batman, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny and more.

While it's definitely going to be weird seeing the likes of Shaggy fighting the Caped Crusader, the latest teasers from various WB social media posts are pretty much confirming this. There is the teaser on Instagram where Shaggy is missing from a picture with Scooby as well as several Twitter posts where  Bugs Bunny , Tom and Jerry  are all missing from theirs.

Each of these posts have a supposed reaction from WB Games, which pretty much confirms these are the teasers for the aforementioned leaked game.

Furthermore, according to the leaks , Shaggy's move set is based on the Ultra Instinct Shaggy memes, which should be quite fun to see for anyone who messed around the internet with it. Fan service is the best when it's more than a scantily clad version of a character, after all.

The reveal is probably imminent so keep your eyes peeled if you like this type of games as this one is bound to have an all-star cast of heroes, and probably villains, from your favourite childhood cartoons.

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