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MultiVersus battle pass progression gets easier with latest patch

Published: 00:36, 16 August 2022
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MultiVersus has been updated with a bunch of fixes and balance changes but most importantly - a proper upgrade for the progression system.

Battle passes generally have bad connotations attached to them due to the system being based on players paying to grind. If that grind becomes too much, a boiling point may occur with backlash and players quitting the game as a result.

It appears that MultiVersus devs were aware of these potential dangers just in time for the battle pass price hike, when the Season 1 is compared to the beta battle pass.

First of all, battle pass experience gains after a match will be increased to 10 for wins and five for losses, up from the previous five and three, respectively.

Additionally, class-based battle pass missions have been removed for all classes, except for the tanks. The reasoning behind this is that players always have access to Wonder Woman for the tank missions and it may not be the case for the other ones, depending on the free hero rotation.

On top of those two changes, there is a decrease in grind when it comes to individual missions as the conditions to complete them have been updated.

WB MultiVersus characters MultiVersus characters

These missions include:

  • Ringout a player from the top of the map - now 50 times instead of 75
  • Ringout a player from the side of the map - also 50, down from 75
  • Ringout a player from the bottom of the map - 50 times, down from 75
  • Get assists - now 50, down from 125

Overall, the grind shouldn't be as annoying now and you might have fewer reasons for spending 950 Gleamium on it.

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