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Legend of Acrius might be the Exotic to get for next Destiny 2 season

Published: 08:54, 12 August 2022
Destiny 2 - Legend of Acrius
Destiny 2 - Legend of Acrius

Bungie announced they are buffing one of the most underused Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, which should suddenly become a quite formidable pick.

Destiny 2 has plethora of unique weapons as Legendary ones are complemented by Exotics that can redefine a Guardian's playstyle. However, with great amounts of weapons come great balancing issues and as such, some are left to collect dust for extended periods of time since their usefulness is highly limited.

Legend of Acrius is one such weapon, with players being hesitant to use both their Exotic and Power weapon slots for a glorified shotgun that is outperformed by other choices.

With Season 18, the weapon will be buffed and it will likely become the favourite pick of close-range enthusiasts.

The buff is rather simple - LoA will now get the effects of the Trench Barrel perk once you apply the Catalyst to it, on top of the bonuses it previously granted. 

While a single change might not look like much, keep in mind that Legend of Acrius has pretty high range for a shotgun and its projectiles penetrate targets, potentially dealing damage to everything in a straight line.

After you hit something with a melee attack, LoA with Catalyst will now get 50 per cent damage boost, easily making it one of the best damage pumpers out there.

Destiny 2 - The Sixteenth Horseman Acrius was behind the Fourth Horseman in DPS before but now it might need the Extra barrels to keep up with the Cabal weapon

Granted, it might be troublesome at GM Nightfalls for example, where going into melee range is always risky but Acrius might become the next meta for other PvE content as well as Gambit, where it will be able to melt the Primevals.

Don't forget that Arc 3.0 is coming with the next season, which will undoubtedly empower Arc weapons like this particular Exotic.

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