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Rift will return to Destiny 2 Crucible with different rules next season

Published: 08:08, 09 August 2022
Destiny 2 - Disjunction, the first Rift map
Destiny 2 - Disjunction, the first Rift map

Destiny 2 players were split on whether they liked Rift or not so at least half the community will be glad it's coming back, albeit not in the Iron Banner form.

Rift caused a lot of backlash as players struggled to grasp the flow of the mode in Iron Banner during Destiny 2 Season 17 while others found it interesting and a welcome refresh for the PvP modes. 

Around 20 per cent of the players found it interesting enough to slog through an Iron Banner reset while 10 per cent did it twice. Some turned out to be extremely satisfied with the mode, with one player resetting the rank 17 times over 55 hours of Iron Banner and one played over 133 hours in total.

These people were likely disappointed Iron Banner would boot Rift for a glorified Team Deathmatch in Season 18 but will be glad to see Rift returning to the regular Crucible.

It will be available as weekly rotator game mode during the first, eighth and 14th week of Season 18. Additionally, you will be able to play it at will in Private matches where you can also choose to play it on any map.

Overtime will function a little different in Season 18 but Multispark event will apparently make a return in a future season while a quality of life update will ensure people can score immediately after picking up the Spark next to the opposing team's Rift.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Primed Warlock in Eruption Destiny 2 - Primed Warlock in Eruption

Future seasons hold more experiments with Rift - 3v3 mode will be tested and asymmetrical maps like Burnout might make it into rotation. Additionally, since no one likes waiting, Bungie is working on reducing the downtime between scoring and the next round.

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