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Lord of Wolves gets another PvP nerf in Destiny 2

Published: 09:46, 12 August 2022
Destiny 2 - Lord of Wolves
Destiny 2 - Lord of Wolves

Lord of Wolves is getting slapped in Destiny 2 PvP once again as the weapon proved to be too much even after nerfs over the course of several years.

Destiny 2 players have suffered in PvP at the hands of Lord of Wolves for years and while the initial hard nerfs made it less unbearable, a few users remained and the weapon eventually resurfaced as a major annoyance in more recent seasons.

Bungie is now looking to end this with Season 18, when Lord of Wolves will mostly remain at the same efficiency in PvE but will get another set of nerfs for PvP.

First, it will have only 10 starting ammo in PvP, enough for two bursts, which translates to two potential kills, bringing it in line with other one-shot Special ammo weapons, or one might think so.

Lord of Wolves is also undergoing damage nerf, with body shots doing 35 damage per slug now, up to 44 when Release the Wolves firing mode is active. In translation, one burst can no longer kill a Guardian, even if all slugs land, unless Release the Wolves is on.

Additionally, Release the Wolves burst will also fire just five slugs now, meaning you need to hit all five of them if you want to kill a Guardian, severely increasing the risk of being unable to get two kills with just 10 ammo.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Legend of Acrius Legend of Acrius is getting an awesome buff though

Release the Wolves will have a better fire rate as the delay between bursts will be lowered so you will still have some crazy TTK but it will be expensive when it comes to ammo economy and this buff will mostly help out in PvE.

Damage has been increased by 20 per cent in PvE to compensate for the aforementioned damage loss.

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