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Destiny 2: Eruption is replacing Rift in Iron Banner next season

Published: 11:46, 08 August 2022
Destiny 2 - Primed Warlock in Eruption
Destiny 2 - Primed Warlock in Eruption

Bungie is introducing a new game mode to Iron Banner in Season 18 but Destiny 2 players who liked Rift will not be left hanging.

Rift, true to its name, caused Iron Banner in Season 17 of Destiny 2 to be seen as either a huge hit or an absolute miss, depending on who you ask. Whatever your feelings about the game mode might be, it is not going to be the featured IB mode in the next season as Bungie will replace it with one that is more kill-oriented.

Eruption is basically Clash but with kill streaks. For those not familiar with Clash either, it is team deathmatch, which has been a staple for multiplayer FPS games for decades.

The extra twist in Eruption, however, is that players will get buffed upon scoring a kill and an elimination without being killed themselves. Eliminations are easier to score since assists count there too. 

Their kills will generate 10 per cent Super energy as well as 20 per cent for basic abilities. Furthermore, the kills will score three points per kill, instead of the usual one.

Upon scoring five kills without dying, the buff gets altered and the player's team goes on the Hunt. The player's entire team gets five per cent Super energy and 10 per cent for basic abilities. Meanwhile, the kill streak hero gains 12 per cent Super and five per cent for basic abilities, per kill. They keep scoring three points per kill.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Warlock Stasis Roaming Supers will be devastating while buffed

Additionally, the kill streak player gets a 15-second timer and if it expires, the player will die. The timer keeps resetting whenever they score a kill and they are marked for both teams, ruining their potential attempts at stealth.

Finally, a team that kills a Primed (5+ kill streak) player gains three points. Overall, it's not focused on objectives that much but hunting as a pack will be rewarded, as opposed to just running around solo.

Rift will start appearing as a weekly rotator mode in the regular Crucible so those who liked it will be able to enjoy a few rounds more.

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