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Free-to-play looter shooter Arc Raiders has been delayed

Published: 15:49, 08 August 2022
arc raiders
Arc Raiders is a highly ambitious free-to-play shooter that needs more time in the oven, confirm Embark studio

Swedish studio Embark confirm that they need more time to expand Arc Raiders and allow it to reach its fullest potential. 

Stockholm-based studio Embark won't be releasing their highly-anticipated free-to-play shooter Arc Raiders this year. 

Yes, the game is another AAA title to get delayed out of 2022, following the delays of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora , Starfield , Redfall and many others. 

Arc Raiders was supposed to launch in late 2022 but Embark say they need more time to make this a proper banger and aim to launch in 2023.

"Arc Raiders is an ambitious game, and we will be using this extra time to expand the experience and allow it to reach its fullest potential," the studio say in the announcement. 

Embark Studios promise to share more details about the game soon and even promise to start testing the game more extensively with players so perhaps expect closed alpha/beta announcements very soon. 

Embark Studios ARC Raiders screenshot showing robots and soldiers ARC Raiders features large open world where players battle against giant machines in co-op or solo

Arc Raiders is a third-person shooter where players and their squad take on ARC, a mechanical race that has come to earth from space. The devs promise a strong focus on co-op play as you battle these giant machines. 

It's currently planned to release of PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. 

While delays are always disappointing to the gaming community, we would rather play a memorable Arc Raiders game than a bad one so the decision to push the game's release date is always smart.

Hopefully, the team puts the extra time to good use and make a great game. 


ARC Raiders by Embark Studios

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