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Eidos wants to revive Deus Ex, challenge Cyberpunk 2077's aspirations

Published: 19:14, 06 August 2022
Deus Ex - Adam Jensen having a smoke
Deus Ex - Adam Jensen having a smoke

Deus Ex fans are in for some great news but it appears it will take a long time before they can get their treat.

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos acquisition by Embracer Group was seen as a great step for the studios and a bargain for Embracer as the buyout price was a mere $300 million for both, in a time where things like $75 billion deals for Activision Blizzard are happening.

Meanwhile, the fans of franchises that were shelved under Square Enix started to hope for their revival and it looks like Eidos has similar ideas. According to Jeff Grubb, who has a great track record with insider knowledge, Eidos folks want to get right back into Deus Ex and challenge what Cyberpunk 2077 tried to do but couldn't.

He noted that Eidos didn't spring the idea out of the blue but that they couldn't get into it while under Square Enix, where "there was no possibility for that conversation to even begin".

These statements are in line with the odd handling of both Crystal Dynamics and Eidos by Square Enix, who recently stated that the likes of the  Tomb Raider series were cannibalizing the group's other projects but didn't elaborate further. 

Square Enix Tomb Raider Tomb Raider was supposedly straining Square Enix's budget

Unfortunately for Deus Ex fans, the return to the franchise will not be the first thing on Eidos' agenda as they are currently working on a new IP , meaning we are an unknown number of years away from a new Deus Ex game.

Given the time gaps between major Eidos Montreal releases, 2027 could be somewhere in the ballpark for the next Deus Ex release window.

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