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Destiny 2: Season 21 Artifact Champion mods and other details revealed

Published: 13:39, 19 May 2023
Destiny 2 - Season of the Deep brings a bunch of changes
Destiny 2 - Season of the Deep brings a bunch of changes

Destiny 2 is improving the modability of player builds through Artifact perks next season, building on the changes made for the current one.

Destiny 2 has had quite a few issues with Artifact mods in the past because they would take up too many slots and energy points on armour pieces, which is why Bungie changed most of them to perks that are active at all times.

The devs are not stopping there as Season 21 will bring even more changes that will allow changing builds faster.

Instead of having to reset the entire Artifact to respec, you will be able to refund individual perks, in case you want to queue for an activity that demands a different build.

Anti-Champion perks of the season will be:

  • Anti-Barrier auto rifle
  • Unstoppable hand cannon
  • Overload scout rifle
  • Overload trace rifle
  • Unstoppable glaive

Interestingly enough, glaives get the Unstoppable perk once again even though shotguns were previously teased to take that place.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Sweet Business Now I wish Sweet Business was a Void weapon

As far as the cheap mods go, we will have:

  • Authorised Mods: Arc
  • Authorised Mods: Void
  • Authorised Mods: Strand
  • Authorised Mods: Melee

Keep an eye out on those cheap Void mods because Unto the Breach from the third column will allow you to weaken entire groups of enemies easily, Protective Breach from the fourth will give you a pile of overshields and Supernova from the fifth will let you create Void Breaches easily in order to kick off the chain of synergy on the regular.


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