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Destiny 2 changes shields on enemies, disappoints players

Published: 11:03, 19 May 2023
Destiny 2 - This minotaur wants his shield back
Destiny 2 - This minotaur wants his shield back

Guardians are not happy with the shields that have lost a lot of personality with streamline changes.

Destiny 2 has an amazing visual presentation, which is one of the driving factors for the game's success. 

Sometimes, everything is so visually appealing that the players don't even realise all the layers of beautiful details until they see a change.

This was the case with enemy shields, which Bungie announced will have a different appearance in Season 21.

The reason the devs decided to change the way the shields look is that combatants had visuals unique to them since 2017 and as additional units were introduced over the years, they started to pile up.

Considering that Destiny 2 doesn't introduce that many enemy units with releases, this is an odd thing to say, especially because the latest expansion had a grand total of one, the Tormentor. It doesn't even have a shield.

In any case, the shields will take on a new look that will be the same for every combatant and you can see an example on the Minotaur in the video above.

It starts feeling off immediately for the veteran players who got used to the cylindric shield the Minotaurs had as far as anyone can remember but they will now have this oddly shaped flame-like shield in different colours, which will be the standard for all enemies.


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