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Destiny 2 raid race winner and team completion data is now available

Published: 03:55, 14 March 2023
Destiny 2 - Root of Nightmares
Destiny 2 - Root of Nightmares

Raid race is done, Contest Mode has wrapped up and here are the details and stats about people with reason to celebrate.

Destiny 2 saw a bunch of raiders over the last weekend as everyone rushed into the Root of Nightmares with one of two goals in mind - be the World's First team to complete it or for the other kind of bragging rights through the seal.

In the case of World's First, it ended up being Team Hard in the Paint whose run could be observed on RoenXD 's channel through the livestream.

This came as both a surprise and relief to many fans who were starting to get bored by the domination of SaltagreppoD2 and Clan Elysium who won the previous three races back to back.

As for those who merely wanted to complete the raid in Contest Mode, which raised the challenge, a total of 45,544 teams completed the task. Considering one team consists of six Guardians, over 270,000 Guardians made it all the way to the end.

Naturally, some of them are repeats by the same players so it's hard to tell how many unique players made it through but it's safe to assume that a majority are.

Bungie Destiny 2 Jottun Toasters were not allowed in Contest Mode

This is a record for any new Destiny raid which is great news as players liked the mechanics and overall design but unfortunately, even this coin has two sides.

Some elitism seems to have been borne from the large number of completions, with some people being upset that so many players completed the raid in the first two days.


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