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Destiny 2 teases a quest from next season amid damage control efforts

Published: 11:12, 10 March 2023
Destiny 2 - Hand cannon from Lightfall promo materials

Bungie is starting to feel the backlash from the content-barren Lightfall, showing the players where it all went.

Destiny 2 : Lightfall launched in a poor state with basically no content to speak of. For example, there is a new storyline that is highly superficial and really weak with plot points that are unexplained and we basically have no idea what we are doing.

Then there is the matter of items that were plastered over the promotional material but were nowhere to be found when the expansion actually launched.

Bungie provided answers for both of those and they will arrive in roughly three months' time.

First, there is the quest the players will embark on in the next season, which is a confirmation we don't get to hear any context about the story people paid for. Thankfully, it will not be dependent on purchasing the season pass as all Lightfall owners will get access.

The quest will finally give some context on the Veil, which was nothing more than a McGuffin that we were chasing while also picking up on other McGuffins on the side during the Lightfall campaign.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Lightfall Destiny 2 - Lightfall

Additionally, three new Strand Aspects will be awarded during the quest, one per class, along with the mysterious hand cannon that was all over the marketing material for Lightfall but we didn't get to see once the expansion launched.

If one were not optimistic enough, they could start suspecting these were originally parts of the expansion itself and not the season but were cut out to force higher player engagement metrics.


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