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50 Cent isn't teasing GTA 6 involvement after all

Published: 01:23, 13 March 2023
Rockstar Games
GTA Vice City Remaster
GTA Vice City Remaster

Gamers were excited by a rapper's teasers in the past couple of weeks but it turned out to be about a different kind of entertainment medium.

GTA Vice City remains one of the highest points in the series' existence, which is why everyone is so excited to see Rockstar 's analogue to real-life Miami once again.

Those massive leaks from September 2022 all but confirmed it to be a featured location so when 50 Cent started posting about Vice City recently, GTA fans' hype went into overdrive.

Unfortunately, he has no official connection to the game yet and the teaser was for something else entirely.

The rapper is instead connected to the production of a TV show called Vice City, which makes sense in hindsight as one of his Instagram posts noted that it is "bigger than Power", another series he was involved with.

With the aforementioned leaks already revealing a lot about the game, albeit in a highly unfinished state, it is perhaps for the best for us, the players, to keep as many details as possible under wraps in order to avoid spoiling too much of an extremely anticipated entry in the franchise.

As a reminder, September 2023 will mark a decade since the release of GTA V, which is obviously far from ideal for anyone who enjoys these games.

And to think we got GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas all in the span of three years.


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