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Destiny 2: King's Fall world first concludes, Arc 3.0 fragments now available

Published: 14:37, 29 August 2022
Destiny 2 - King's Fall raid
Destiny 2 - King's Fall raid

Season 18 World First race concluded with a hattrick and it opened the way for new Light subclass fragments.

Arc 3.0 has arrived a week ago but some of the fragments were locked, leaving many builds temporarily incomplete. 

That period is over now as the lockout was due to Bungie wanting to give everyone an equal footing at the start of the World First race for the King's Fall raid and all the remaining fragments can now be purchased from Ikora at the Tower.

In the case of the latest World First race in Destiny 2 , it was Clan Elysium who took home the crown, for the third time in a row. The incredible back to back to back streak was quite the feat of strength but it left some fans disenfranchised.

Apparently, some people think Elysium should not be allowed to compete in future World First races in order to allow another team to win but that would defeat the purpose of the word "competition".

Others appear to think that the clan had insider information which is just ridiculous, considering King's Fall is a raid that was present in the original Destiny and was merely reprised recently. Even if you factor in the changes, most notably for the Warpriest, most of the raid was well-known for seven years.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Stormcaller Warlock Arc 3.0 is now available in all its glory

With the leak that King's Fall would be the featured raid coming up days ahead of it and how close the finishes were, it's safe to say all the high-end teams had an equal start and Elysium deserved their win. 

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