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DC Universe Online gets roadmap 2023 roadmap

Published: 07:44, 12 January 2023
Daybreak Game Company
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DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online now has a roadmap for the entire year but as usual, the latter months have fewer details on them.

Daybreak Games and Dimensional Ink revealed the 2023 roadmap for their superhero MMO, DC Universe Online , where we get a peek at Episode 45 and the near future.

First, there is the 12th-anniversary event that is going on with Attack of the Anti-Monitor and it will be followed up with new rewards for Love Conquers All, which is the Valentine's Day event. Accordingly, it is coming in February 2023.

For March, there is Mister Mxyzptlk's Mischief as a seasonal event.

Episode 45: Shock to the System will take players to Dakota City where the Parademons have started attacking for some reason and it's up to you to resolve the issue, revealing what the hellish planet Apokolips has in store for Earth this time around.

The new episode is set to launch in Spring 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch but there is no exact release date yet.

Daybreak Games DC Universe Online roadmap for 2023 DC Universe Online roadmap for 2023

With that in mind, most of the next three months will be focused on Episode 45 and early stages of Episode 46 but that's not all. Emotes are coming somewhere in this time window while the next-gen console versions for PS5 and XSX/S are planned for late 2023.

Episode 46 is set for Summer 2023 while Episode 47 is coming during the autumn of the same year.


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