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Riot provides some info on LoL maintenance mode concerns

Published: 10:39, 11 January 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends - Admiral Renata Glasc
League of Legends - Admiral Renata Glasc

League of Legends fans are worried that their game may be in its twilight so one of the Rioters shed some light on the situation.

League of Legends has been going strong for about 14 years now but a series of unimpressive events, a lack of new game modes or even a map covered in snow has had the fans worried for a while.

The release of the terribly-received 2023 season hype video didn't help the matter so the situation escalated further, with people starting to panic about the game going into maintenance mode.

As it turns out, Riot Games might not be losing the touch but they did run into trouble that they are trying to get out of.

Namely, the team apparently lost a good bit of talent as the Covid pandemic arose since it forced companies into having employees work from home.

According to Riot Reav3 , this was an eye-opener for many talented individuals who subsequently decided to continue their careers elsewhere.

"Like many companies we lost a lot of talent during Covid, where many people took the WFH situation as a opportunity to look for different paths in life. It was rough all around the industry and Riot was no different. It wasn't because Riot intentionally cut budget or scope for LoL. To put it more eloquently, shit happens"

Additionally, Reav3 noted there are still many investments into things that didn't ship yet, which probably refers to Riot's other projects, including the MMO.

On the other hand, the dev didn't specify what the investments are exactly so it could be some League content that is still in the pipeline.


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