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PUBG update 21.2 brings major changes to Vikendi

Published: 05:36, 12 January 2023
PUBG - Players running around on Vikendi
PUBG - Players running around on Vikendi

PUBG is ready for another set of changes for Vikendi apparently, making sure the circumstances don't end up stale for the players.

Krafton announced that the PUBG update 21.2 will kick off on 17 or 18 January 2023, depending on your time zone. While PC is getting the update first, console players won't have to wait long as their platforms are getting the same update on January 25 or 26, once again depending on the time zone.

Vikendi changes are the highlight here as the map will now feature a Blizzard Zone that is not a theme park for the company behind World of Warcraft .

This blizzard refers to the environmental effect that slows players down and deals consistent damage each second, obstructs their view, muffles the sounds and cars become less manoeuvrable.

It's not all gloom and doom with the update though - discovering Secret Rooms will yield high-tier items but one will have to loot a security key before being able to enter.

Repair Kits are also coming to Vikendi, allowing players to fix their damaged armour, helmet or vehicle on the go. Armour and helmets are mended to full health but Mechanics Toolbox will repair only 500 health for vehicles, which may or may not top them off.

The map will also have Multidrops, meaning a whole lot of high-end loot which sounds great on paper but will most likely attract too much attention for any one team to just rush head first.

While Vikendi is the big talk of the patch, there are numerous other updates that will arrive at the same time.


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