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Diablo 3 Season of Grandeur introduces new cosmetic awards

Published: 22:06, 19 January 2019
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New cosmetic rewards

Season of Grandeur is now live and it brings a selection of new cosmetic rewards, a new rotation of Seasonal Conquests and Classic Sets available via Haedrig's Gift. Season 16 update also brings QoL improvements and balance updates.

For the duration of the season, all players will benefit from the Ring of Royal Grandeur which means that players won't have to hunt down or equip the item to benefit from its set bonus-enabling ability. 

This buff will not stack with additional Rings of Royal Grandeur, whether they are equipped directly on character or via the Jewelry slot in Kanai’s Cube. This means that classes may be able to combine different class set bonuses in new ways or squeeze additional Legendary power into their favourite builds.

There will be three new cosmetic rewards obtainable by progressing through the Season Journey. Players will get the chance to earn Conqueror Set, which features Helm and Shoulder pieces, a new series of portrait frames and The Wings of Lempo which will be pretty rare as Blizzard describes it as something for "the most devoted cosmetic collectors".

Season of Grandeur also brings rotation to Seasonal Conquests and Class Sets. The latter are available via Haedrig’s Gift and completing Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the Season Journey will reward players with three of Haedrig’s Gifts. Each of them will contain a few pieces of specific Class Sets.

The available sets in Season 16 are Immortal King’s Call Crusader (Barbarian), Seeker of the Light (Crusader), Natalya’s Vengeance (Demon Hunter), Uliana’s Stratagem (Monk) Trag’Oul’s Avatar (Necromancer) Spirit of Arachyr Wizard (Witch Doctor) and Vyr’s Amazing Arcana (Wizard).

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Blizzard also included some minor quality of life changes which are a result of fan feedback over the past months. Changes include removing Legendary potions from player inventories so that they no longer take up space and new coloured beams and highlights for end-game loot in Primal Legendaries.

For a full list of all additions, improvements and changes, you can check Blizzard's full patch notes on their .

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