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Dauntless' Fortune and Glory update to start High Skies season

Published: 16:37, 10 July 2019
Phoenix Labx
Lady Luck on a ship posing with candles and a glass eye from dauntless
Dauntless - Fortune and Glory

Phoenix Labs are about to unload a decent chunk of content for Dauntless on 16 July 2019. That's when the second season dubbed High Skies will arrive alongside a content update titled Fortune and Glory on all platforms simultaneously.

Dauntless is scheduled to receive its first content update called Fortune and Glory on 16 July 2019. The new Trials game mode is the main feature of the update and will allow players to go monster hunting on two difficulty levels each with their own set of rewards.

The two types of currency gained in Trials, Steel and Glided Marks, can be exchanged for various weapon mods and cosmetic items in Ramsgate with a new NPC found there called Lady Luck.

Once players are happy with their achievements in the Fortune part of the update, the Glory board awaits. Dauntless will be tracking the best Trials completion times for solo and group attempts and displaying them on the Wall of Champions.

Fortune and Glory is the first part of Dauntless' new High Skies season which will have another Hunt Pass later during the summer. All we know about the next pass is that it will arrive sometime in August 2019 under the title Zephyr Strike.

As is becoming usual with multiplayer season passes recently, there are 50 levels to climb with the accompanying cosmetic and consumable rewards for each Hunt Pass.

Phoenix Labs video game pirates and hunters standing around on a beach looking all cool Dauntless - Fortune and Glory - High Skies

Any new players still undecided about which weapon they want to take with them into the new season can help themselves to 's handy on the matter.

It also pays to go hunting with the right protection, shave a look in case you are still shopping around for just set.


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