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Riot Games release the worst-received LoL hype video ever

Published: 05:15, 11 January 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends - Ruined King version of Summoner's Rift
League of Legends - Ruined King version of Summoner's Rift

Riot Games dropped the ball when they should have been hyping League of Legends players up.

Riot Games recently announced a bunch of changes for the World Championship and MSI tournaments which were well received and the reception is in stark contrast to the one for the 2023 season hype trailer.

League of Legends fans have seen high-quality cinematics year after year but this time around, it's just a narration while the camera pans around a weird version of Summoner's Rift.

There are some voices of the shout-casting talent dropped in from time to time and this goes on for two minutes of total disappointment.

In 2023, Riot Games is a huge gaming company with massive resources at their disposal but even the teaser trailer from 2009 puts the new Brink of Infinity to shame.

One pile of cash and 13 years later, League players got treated to a disappointment that will sour their notion of the "small indie company" meme.

In any case, Riot quickly responded to the backlash, stating they know they messed up and will do better in the future.

Considering that overall quality of League of Legends content is lowering, it is not going to be an easy task to turn the fans' opinions around as there is currently an uneasy sentiment that the game is slowly slipping into maintenance mode.


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