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DCUO gets triple currency event after the maintenance

Published: 14:18, 08 April 2021
Daybreak Games
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DC Universe Online was under maintenance at the time of writing and after it concludes, the players will have quite the treat on their hands.

Triple Currency event kicks off in DCUO on April 8, 2021, and will last for about a week, concluding on April 14. As for the maintenance downtime, it is expected to be around six hours in total and to wrap up at 12:00 PM PT (noon) / 7:00 PM GMT.

The currencies in question are Solar Credits and Time Beacons. For those not up to speed, Solar Credits are tied to the Long Live the Legion content and are awarded in most missions as well as On Duty instances. Meanwhile, Time Beacons can be obtained in 31st Century Metropolis, rewarded as an open-world currency.

In both cases, the currencies are used for obtaining new gear and the week-long event could prove to be the prime time for obtaining some new digs. Once the event concludes, World of Flashpoint will launch not long after - on April 15.

This episode will be free for everyone, as the devs previously announced and the reason for this is the team's new approach to handling the monetisation of the content. 

It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to bring some new players in, since the current numbers are not looking that good.

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