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DC Universe Online has a new event and Deluge episode

Published: 20:22, 30 March 2018
Daybreak Games
DC Universe Online promotional image featuring Lex Luthor and Joker vs Batman and Superman
DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online has been updated to include the Deluge content, which will both be available as an event for all players above level 10 and as two Elite Raids for the hardcore crowd. The update is available to all platforms.

SJ ''NerdOfPrey'' Mueller, the Creative Director of DCUO, has announced this update previously and it is now live. On top of the end game content and the event, this update brings Starro's invasion back, this time as a permanent feature in the game. To top it off, two of Aquaman's adversaries, Black Manta and Corum Rath, are also introduced to the game along with Aquaman's paramour, Queen Mera.

The story elements will evidently go bellow the sea, with a new threat in the form of Deluge, an Atlantean Insurrectionist Group who have been experimenting on Starro before, triggering the first invasion. They are seeking to overthrow Aquaman from the Altanthean throne and the new story will revolve around this attempted coup.

Daybreak Games Weird looking superheroes in their traditional spandex clothing are making various poses. DC Universe Online - Also known as the Cosplay Simulator.

Starro's invasion is underway yet again, stronger than before but the actual story elements will apparently be unfolding at Spindrift Station, which is an Atlantean Embassy, started by Aquaman himself. 

Locations from the previous Starro invasion will make another appearance and there will also be to new Atlantean areas. The solo story mission will involve going to an ancient Atlantean temple that is actually a storage facility hiding ''a great weapon''. Story finale will apparently take place in the Spindrift Station itself, which is apparently both a maze and a puzzle.

Daybreak Games Two random superheroes are huge Batman fanboys as they wear Batsuit knockoffs. DC Universe Online- ''Tell me, do you bleed?'' ''No'' ''Great, see you at my place?''

More rewards are coming with the launch of Deluge, such as the two new gear suits and new high end gear from a vendor. Apparently this gear is inspired by Queen Mera's outfit. There is also a third version of the Spindrift Suit, which will be exclusive for Members and episode owners. Rewards from the previous Starro event will also make an appearance.

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