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New World patch fixes Sapphire Gypsum drops

Published: 16:48, 11 January 2023
Updated: 14:15, 12 January 2023
New World
New World

Those who attempted the newest-ish expedition in New World saw the lack of Gypsum drops but the last patch fixed it.

Gypsum is a coveted resource in New World , for players below and at the Expertise cap as the former get their progression in the most efficient way possible while the latter group is getting shards that are needed for those finishing touches on a build.

So when the Mutated Starstone Barrows expedition didn't drop Sapphire Gypsum as intended, players took notice and voiced their concerns.

Amazon Game Studios announced that the issue has been fixed with patch 1.8.1, which brought a lot of other fixes as well.

Mutated Genesis and Dynasty expeditions will resume dropping named items that previously vanished into thin air from the loot pool.

Players farming certain enemies in Brimstone Sands vigorously caused AGS to disable their drops. Finally, on January 11, 2022, those mobs got their drops back so make you revisit them if you missed out on the loot initially.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Greatsword is a pretty big weapon Time to farm Brimstone again

Those who were happy to see shields with five perks will need to curb their enthusiasm as this has been fixed with the update as well so even 600 GS bucklers will remain within the normal perk count range.

The changes above are the highlights but if you want to go through all the patch notes you can do so on the official New World Steam news page .


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