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Blue Protocol website maintenance sparks hope for potential dev update

Published: 08:23, 02 August 2022
Bandai Namco
Blue Protocol combat
Blue Protocol developers have been silent for quite a while, but the game is still pretty much underway

Blue Protocol website will go down for maintenance for one hour on August 5, 2022, which could suggest there's a new dev update on the way. 

Players are desperate to hear more about Bandai Namco's anime MMORPG Blue Protocol but since hosting a successful closed beta test, the dev team have been pretty silent on social media and other channels.

Recently, we learned that the game is still in development but won't be coming in 2022 and perhaps not even in 2023. This would mean that we won't hear about Blue Protocol anytime soon but the recently announced website maintenance gives us hope that some kind of an update is on the way.

In the official blog post , the Blue Protocol dev team confirm that the official website will be going down for maintenance for one hour on Friday, August 5, in order to adjust the server equipment.

This is probably just simple maintenance and you should not expect any development updates or special announcements but hope dies last and we're ready to put on our clown mask and get disappointed on Friday. 


Blue Protocol is currently scheduled to launch first in Japan but the global release is also being discussed at Bandai Namco. Given that the game is already attracting players from the EU and NA, despite the radio silence, it's safe to say that the publisher will be releasing this MMO globally, shortly after the launch in Japan.

Bandai Namco Blue Protocol screenshot showing gorgeous vista Blue Protocol may not release until 2023 or even 2024, according to Bandai Namco

Blue Protocol is in development for PC only and is yet to be announced for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. We doubt that Bandai Namco are not planning a console port later on after they set the foundations with the PC version. 

Bandai Namco are yet to officially confirm the PlayStation and Xbox port, so take this as speculation or educated guessing and nothing more.


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