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Valorant: What happened to Raze? Vacation gone wrong

Published: 06:45, 07 October 2022
Updated: 12:44, 07 October 2022
Raze and Killjoy have been inseparable since day 1, even in dire times
Raze and Killjoy have been inseparable since day 1, even in dire times

Riot always made sure to give fans their daily dose of lore, allowing them to peek into the everyday lives of Valorant's agents. Raze's life is as chaotic as her playstyle and we are on the edge of our seats.

In September's update , Riot gave us a clip of a voice message left by Valorant 's favourite fireboy, Phoenix, asking Brimstone to go to Berlin with Killjoy and Raze. He promises that everyone will behave and nobody will get into any trouble.

Later, Killjoy leaves a worrying voice message for Brim, stating that their trip has been good but they have encountered a problem, Raze went missing and nobody knows where she is

Before the message ends, a clearly nervous Killjoy reassures Brim that she will find Raze very soon and that everything will be okay.

It is strongly believed that Alpha Earth Raze was kidnapped by Omega Earth Raze in an attempt to spy on the Alpha Earth agents and their plans. While this sounds very far-fetched, it could potentially be the best explanation. 

In a video about Raze, released by Riot about a year ago, a clip of a teleporter opening and a Boombot driving out and replacing a broken one is shown.

Has Alpha Earth Raze taken the imposter bot with her to Berlin and allowed Omega Earth Raze to track her down? Did Omega Earth Raze take the opportunity to isolate Alpha Earth Raze and swap places with her?

Riot Games Raze peacfully relaxing on vacation? Is this the calm before the storm? Raze peacefully relaxing on vacation? Is this the calm before the storm?

Not much was known at the time but in the latest Valorant update, more information has been revealed. Raze reaches out to Brim through a voice message and gives him an update on her well-being and location.

She states that she is on the island where they originally found Kay/O (Valorant's playable map Breeze) and that she had to fashion a phone out of a satellite in order to send this message. 

The upbeat tone of her voice implies that she is okay and unharmed, even though she does mention that she is completely stranded and that there is nobody around her.

She explains that she had gone to a few after-parties after the concert, things getting wild and then wilder and everything after that being a blur. Shortly before the voice message ends, she asks Brim to come to pick her up and tells him to inform Killjoy that everything is okay.

So, are the fan speculations true? Did Omega Earth Raze swap places with Alpha Earth Raze and leave her on a deserted island? The new Act is sure to shed more light on this messy situation.


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