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Valorant patch buffs Skye, Reyna and Yoru, nerfs Kay/0

Published: 16:19, 04 October 2022
Riot Games
Valorant - Reyna in a different setting
Valorant - Reyna in a different setting

Valorant is switching agent power a bit, with a few of them getting tentative buffs while Kay/0 was not that lucky. Not that he needed luck though.

Riot Games pushed out buffs to several agents as they wanted to see more variety among the Valorant Initiators and Duelists but also had some nerfs in mind for your friendly neighbourhood roboman.

Skye's flashbang, Guiding Light, proved to be unreliable ever since it became killable, with opponents often taking the bird down if it was meant to go anywhere beyond short range. As such, the bird is once again unkillable and its flash duration scales from one to 2.25 seconds depending on how long it travels.

Yoru should generally be able to get assists easier as Blindside flash duration is up from 1.5 to 1.75 seconds and the time window for getting assists from the debuffs has been increased from one to three seconds after the debuff starts to fade.

Reyna also received a nifty buff as Leer no longer has a range restriction. Opponents will now have to be switched on at all times in order to avoid the nearsight and utilise covers proactively. Wind-up for the nearsight effect is now 33 per cent shorter and the unequip delay has been reduced to 0.5 seconds, letting Reyna reconsider ability usage with less punishment. However, the ability's duration is down to 2.0 seconds duration.

Riot Games Valorant - Kay-0 Valorant - Kay-0 won't be happy

Kay/0 found himself on the wrong side of the nerf bat this time around as the underhand Flash/Drive duration got decreased from two to 1.25 seconds. On the flip side, the overhand version of the ability, when using left click, saw an increase from two to 2.25 seconds in duration. Unequip delay for the ability has been moved up to .85 seconds, meaning he will be quite sluggish and exposed, should he decide now is not the time for a flashbang.

Overall, flashing will be less of an annoyance and if you abused their power thus far, it might be a good idea to pick up a new strategy.

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