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God of War: Ragnarök: Every character confirmed so far

Published: 08:36, 08 October 2022
Freya and Kratos, friends turned foes?
Freya and Kratos, friends turned foes?

Long-term fans have anticipated big-name characters and that is exactly what Sony will give them. God of War is bringing back some familiar faces and introducing living legends in its new release.

As Sony is teasing more information for the upcoming release of the newest instalment to the God of War series , more and more information is being revealed.

Kratos prolongs his stay in the realm of Norse gods and Ragnarök is promising us some very exciting characters both old and new.

Brok and Sindri, Mimir, and Freya have all been confirmed to return as either friends or foes of Kratos. 

Tyr will finally get a human form and there is a high chance that he will form an alliance with Kratos due to sharing an enemy with the self-proclaimed god of war.

Thor, Odin, and Fenrir are some of the most famous mythological entities to join the God of War. With them being confirmed to be part of the game, several interesting possibilities arise when it comes to their allegiances, especially considering Fenrir's purpose in Nordic folklore. 

Fenrir, the colossal wolf-son of Loki is said to kill Thor when Ragnarök comes. What makes this even more interesting is the cliffhanger from 2018's God of War implying that Atreus is Loki himself.

Hrist And Mist, Skuld and Urd, as well as Angrboda aren't as famous as the previously introduced Norse characters but these characters will create some of the more crucial turning points in the game.

IGDB A battle showcasing the beauty of God of War A battle showcasing the beauty of God of War

Hrist And Mist are the two most famous Valkyries in Norse mythology and they are the ones who bring Odin his battle horn. Considering that Kratos and Odin are going to clash at some point in the game, the pair are destined to serve a memorable purpose.

Skuld and Urd are two Norns that will join God of War. Norns in Norse mythology are what Fates are in Greek mythology, their purpose is to decide the destiny of all living things (including gods). 

Aside from the power to weave destinies, they also decelerate the decay of Yggdrasill, the Tree that holds the realms together.

Angrboda is the wife of Loki (or Atreus) and the mother of Fenrir, the colossal wolf. She is sure to become one of the key characters of the game due to her apparent relationship with Atreus.

We are as excited as the next guy over the impact all of these characters (and many more) will have on the development of the story.


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