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Valorant: Why is Cypher in the Range? New agent info

Published: 06:25, 06 October 2022
Updated: 17:28, 12 October 2022
One thing that we definitely know about Cypher is that we know nothing about Cypher
One thing that we definitely know about Cypher is that we know nothing about Cypher

Valorant's October 4 update had players swarming towards The Range in search of clues for the upcoming release of Agent 20. Who they found waiting for them left them with more questions than answers.

Upon exiting The Shooting Range, Valorant players are greeted by the enigmatic Cypher, leaning against a wall at the entrance to his office. While not a lot can be deduced from his mysterious appearance, his office holds precious information regarding the new Agent and his backstory in Riot Games' shooter.

Varun Batra , the new agent hailing from India, is mentioned in an audio file, as part of a conversation between a soldier and his superior belonging to the REALM organization. 

In spite of this only being a simple dialogue, it sheds light on Batra being considered a hero by some, but a traitor to others. The superior states that Batra has stolen an artefact of immense power before his attempt to murder Captain Greaves, prompting a search-and-destroy-type operation against himself.

The aforementioned Captain Greaves is the main driving force behind this attack on Basra, with REALM being only a mercenary force, and a seemingly divided one, at that.

Once inside Cypher's office, the player is presented with an image showcasing soldiers being cut off from a crossroads by a massive wall of water blocking line-of-sight. 

Riot Games has confirmed that this is one of the abilities that Basra is meant to bring to the game, leading the player base to expect a water-based kit to be incorporated into Valorants 20th Agent.

Valorant Fandom One thing that Cypher does not keep a secret is his love for tea and chess It was made very clear that Cypher has a special place in his heart for tea and chess

Heading down into Brimstone's office, we are presented with a new E-Mail on his PC, sent by none other than Greaves himself. This E-Mail is to serve as a warning to stay out of 'REALM affairs' and that Batra is to be of no concern to Valorant Protocol.

What kind of reaction this statement will provoke remains to be seen. 


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