Tchia: How to obtain the chicken egg

Published: 17:22, 20 March 2023
Tchia: Where to find an egg in the offering mission?
Tchia: Where to find an egg in the offering mission?

In one of the early missions in Tchia, you will have to find an egg for the offering. Since the game doesn't provide you with any details regarding this task, we made a guide to show you where to find an egg in this interesting quest.

As soon as you reach the big town in Tchia, Awaceb's latest action adventure, you will get the first "go and fetch" mission, where you will have to travel to one of the islands to obtain some offerings. Among the many items you will have to get will be a chicken egg.

Now you might think, "What is so difficult about finding an egg?" Just go and find the chicken coop, and the egg should be inside. That's exactly what we thought, but no matter how hard we tried, the egg was nowhere to be found.

That is simply because you cannot "find" the egg in this game. Since the game doesn't give you any hints on how to obtain the chicken egg during this mission, we will show you how.

How to obtain a chicken egg for the offering in Tchia?

One of the offerings you must obtain is a dead chicken, and the objective marker will direct you to its location. Wait for the cutscene to end once you reach the small village with the chicken coop to obtain the headless chicken.

When you regain control of Tchia, return to the chicken coop located in the middle of the village and notice the chickens roaming around the coop. Press the L1 button on your controller to initiate the power of transformation. Aim for the chicken and press R2. This will transform you into a chicken.

AltChar Tchia: Possess the chicken to lay an egg Tchia: Possess the chicken to lay an egg

Notice that the commands assigned to the R2 button will be to lay an egg. Go on and execute the command. Once the egg is laid, press the L1 button to unpossess the chicken and return to Chia's form. Pick up the egg and store it in your backpack. And that's it; the egg mystery is finally solved. Now, with all the offerings, you can return to town and continue Tchia's adventure.


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