Tchia: How to successfully break and eat a coconut

Published: 17:00, 20 March 2023
Updated: 17:01, 20 March 2023
Tchia: How to eat coconut
Tchia: How to eat coconut

Tchia's most common food will be coconuts, for which you will need to learn a special breaking technique. If you don't know how to break and eat a coconut, we'll show you how in this guide.

To perform the special power of transformation in Tchia, the latest action adventure from Awaceb, you must ensure that your soul meter is always as full as possible. Each transformation will cost you one soul piece that will be automatically recharged, but only to half of its value. To fully recharge your soul meter, you will have to eat all sorts of food found throughout the archipelago.

Every larger settlement will have a food vendor where you can eat free of charge, and each campfire will have the same option. But sometimes you will need to recharge your soul meter, and campfires and food vendors will be too far away. In such situations, you will have to find the fruits for a little snack.

The most common fruit on the islands where Tchia took place will be coconuts, and since this fruit is very hard to crack, this guide will show you how to do it without too much trouble.

How to crack-open coconut in Tchia

A coconut crab, which can be found on any beach throughout the archipelago, is required to successfully break the coconut. Once you find this crab, keep it in your backpack because you will need it for various tasks throughout the game.

To find and collect coconuts, find the coconut palm tree and use your sling to hit it and bring it to the ground. Keep in mind that you can take only one coconut from one tree; if you want more, find the other tree. Now, take the coconut and put it on the ground. Press and hold L1 to open the backpack and select the coconut crab. Use the soul-jump command to transform into the crab, approach the coconut on the ground, and press R2 to pinch it. This will break the coconut in half. 

AltChar Tchia: Soul-jump the crab to use its pinch ability Tchia: Soul-jump the crab to use its pinch ability

Unpossess the crab and quickly grab it using the square button, then stash it again into your backpack for future use. Now, you can take the coconut and eat it when it's split in half. Each coconut will restore one soul piece.


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