Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How to beat Zhang Liang, General of Man

Published: 19:07, 03 March 2023
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How to defeat Zhang Liang
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How to defeat Zhang Liang

The first boss encounter with Zhang Liang, General of Man, will serve as a preview of the game's difficulty in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. If you're having trouble defeating this boss, this guide will show you how to do so without too much fuss.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty , Team Ninja' s latest action RPG, has some of the most difficult fights ever seen in video games in general. You will discover Wo Long's toughness very early in the game while confronting the first, and possibly the hardest, boss, Zhang Liang, General of Man.

The developers appear to have intended for this boss fight to demonstrate how difficult their game is and that it is not for everyone. To make things even more difficult, this boss fight has two stages. If you manage to beat the boss the first time, don't worry; he will return even stronger, and if he kills you during the second phase, you will be forced to repeat the first phase as well.

The players' major problem throughout this encounter is the battle's tempo. The initial stage of the boss battle comprises strong and swift attacks, while the second level has even stronger but slower hits, and it is extremely difficult to adjust to two different fighting styles without combining them and making a mistake that can be game-changing in this fight.

If you're having trouble defeating this powerful adversary, don't give up; you're not alone. In this guide, we'll attempt to provide you with some ideas and tactics to help you ultimately defeat Zhang Liang and continue the story of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

How to defeat Zhang Liang, General of Man

Don't let the looks of this big guy trick you into thinking that he is slow; even with his massive body, his movements are quite fast. Make sure to equip the regular sword because its attacks are very fast, and fast attacks will be crucial to stopping Zhang Liang's attacks. 

As soon as the battle begins, he will try to demonstrate his might by hitting the ground with his mace. Quickly approach him after that and start hitting him with fast attacks. He will receive some damage and then block your attacks. When he blocks, press R1 and continue to hit him with martial arts attacks that cannot be blocked. This will cost him some health, and he will then roll back. When he rolls back, do not chase him; instead, wait for him to attack you. If he attacks you with a standard attack, block; if he attacks you with a red attack, dodge; and then it is time for you to strike.

Keep hitting him until he blocks, then hit him with a series of martial arts attacks. Keep doing that until he rolls back, and repeat the process until he loses his stamina and staggers. When this happens, use your spirit attack to deal a huge blow to his health.

Repeat the process once more and you will defeat him without losing any of your health, provided you've done everything correctly.

AltChar Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: The red attacks cannot be blocked, so prepare to dodge Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: The red attacks cannot be blocked, so prepare to dodge

Now it's time for phase two. If you did everything correctly, you will have three unused health pots, which you will definitely need in this phase. It matters not how well you defend against him in this phase; he will hit you a couple of times, but don't worry, you have enough health to sustain such blows.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, use dodge in this phase. The boss's attacks may seem too strong, but they can all be blocked. If you use dodge, he will hit you, and if he does, there goes half your health. Two such blows, and you are done.

Try to stay as close to him as possible to prevent him from using ranged attacks. Block his attacks, and when his sequence is finished, hit him several times and block again. The crucial advice here is to use timed attacks, not button-mashing ones.

Eventually, he will try to hit you with the red attack, and this is the only time when you will have to use the dodge. If you time the dodge perfectly, it will cost him his limbs, which will ease the rest of the fight severely.

AltChar Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: The second phase attacks are slower but stronger Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: The second phase attacks are slower but stronger

Patience is the key in the second phase of this fight. Wait for him to stop his attacking sequence, and strike him for as long as he allows you to. When he turns offensive, block.

As with the first phase, once he runs out of stamina, hit him with a spiritual attack. Repeat this a couple of times, and you will win arguably the toughest boss fight in the entire game.


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