Rainbow Six Siege - How to fix challenges not working

Published: 04:21, 31 December 2022
Make sure to check your "challenges" tab
Make sure to check your "challenges" tab

Challenges are the easiest way to level up through the game and get easy currency to unlock new operators. But the challenges do not work all the time and here is how to fix it.

Rainbow Six Siege has weekly challenges on the Ubisoft launcher that update regularly and seasonal battlepass challenges that are split into personal challenges that the player can finish by the end of the season or complete together with the whole community.

The challenges reward players with Renown, XP and battlepass points but the players not always receiving their hard-earned rewards have been an issue every season and Operation Solar Raid is no different. Here is how to fix it. 

Firstly, challenges that players get on the Ubisoft launcher do not get redeemed automatically and players do need to manually open the challenge tab in order to collect all of their rewards. You can collect your rewards by pressing Shift + F2 and navigating to the challenges tab.

If the challenges have not been updated, make sure that you were properly doing the challenge and restart your game. Restarting the game will also reset the challenges so those that have been completed will update themselves and offer you the challenge completion rewards.

Ubisoft The challenges can be checked through the launcher itself The challenges can be checked through the launcher itself

As for the battlepass challenges, just like the alpha packs, they do tend to come across errors so restarting the game might fix your issue. If the issue persists, make sure to check if you have been completing the challenge correctly and play one more game. 

The issue that causes these errors tend to be only during content loading, so reloading will always fix it.


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