Hogwarts Legacy - How to get Halloween Pumpkin Mask item?

Published: 15:54, 10 February 2023
Hogwarts Legacy - Halloween pumpkin head item helped me make some new friends
Hogwarts Legacy - Halloween pumpkin head item helped me make some new friends

Hogwarts Legacy has all sorts of appearance clothing items that you can find in the wild but also by completing quests and Halloween Pumpkin Mask is one of them.

Hogwarts Legacy is packed with gear and clothing items that you can earn by completing quests and challenges, exploring the world and looting enemy camps. You can get pretty much everything from fancy student robes to Pumpkin head cosmetics and if the latter is of interest to you, we have a guide to help you get your hands on this Halloween item in Warner Bros. Games' Harry Potter RPG.

You'll be glad to hear that it's a fairly simple task, that doesn't require much work - in fact, getting this cosmetic is a very fun experience since you'll get to use your spells on a lot of enemies to obtain the item.

So, without further ado, let's see how to get The Halloween Pumpkin Mask item in Hogwarts Legacy. 

How to get Halloween the Pumpkin head cosmetic in Hogwarts? 

It's fairly straightforward. To get the Halloween Pumpkin Mask, you must complete a total of 35 Duelling Feats. If you don't know what Duelling Feats are, they pop up just above your magic slots whenever you enter combat, setting you with an objective to beat during that combat sequence. 

The game can ask you to use Incendio on five enemies for example, or flip an enemy in the air, freeze them while they're casting magic and so on. 

The Pumpkin Head Mask is a reward for completing the third level of the Duelling Feats challenge. You can track the challenge progress in the Combat challenges under the Challenges menu.

AltChar Hogwarts Legacy - Pumpkin Mask challenge Hogwarts Legacy - Pumpkin Mask challenge

And that wraps our Halloween Pumpkin Head guide. If you find this one helpful, read on below for more Hogwarts Legacy content.


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