Caliber operator top tier list: five best picks in each role

Published: 10:02, 17 April 2023
Updated: 11:02, 22 May 2023
Caliber - A pretty strong team
Caliber - A pretty strong team

Just like in any other game with different characters, some are above to rest in Caliber. Here are some of the best picks you can grab in the game.

Caliber operators excel in various roles but among their own role, they can be better than the rest, be able to do things from another role or have an aspect that is, quite frankly, broken.

When an operator possesses one or more of these traits, they become the best among their class. We narrowed the list down to some of the best in each class so you know what to go for instead of wasting precious Credits on bad operators.

Keep in mind that 1C might nerf some of them in the future, at which point we will look to update the list and still highlight the best ones at that particular time.


  • Aphela
  • Corsair
  • Sterling
  • Rein
  • Koszmar

Assault class is generally in charge of scouting for intel as well as flanking, so the aim of their abilities, weapons and gadgets is to make them lethal in such positions.

Aphela is probably the embodiment of this philosophy. Her primary weapon is deadly at close and lower medium range, the gadget lets her flush enemies out of cover and prevent healing while her ability makes her an absolute nightmare for teams without EMP.

Corsair has just about every debuff possible in his ability. If you start shooting someone with the ability active, chances of them finding cover before getting killed are minimal. In the unlikely event that they do, they will have to survive for a long time before they can pop out. Adding to it is his weapon that has ridiculous DPS and headshot damage, making him highly lethal even when the ability is on cooldown.

Aphela doesn't have many counters but Sterling is one of them, albeit somewhat unusual. In a straight duel with players of equal skill, it is highly likely they will knock each other out. However, Sterling can revive himself and Aphela can't. With his solid weapon and an awesome grenade launcher for a gadget, Sterling is fantastic for wrecking teams from close to mid-range.

Rein is on the list because he is a straight counter for most of the dominating operators in the game. His base stats are somewhat low so you will have to compensate through other operators' passive skills but once you get comfortable with his ability, you will be shutting down all kinds of cookie-cutter builds and wiping entire teams.

Koszmar has one of the best weapons in the game and can make his outline and health bar disappear which will often deny invaluable intel to the enemy. Grab Faro for his Heavy Barrel skill, apply it to Koszmar and proceed to mow down the opposition like there is no tomorrow.


  • Odin
  • Bishop
  • Fortress
  • Yingzhou
  • Kit

Odin stands head and shoulders above the competition. He can literally walk up to the middle of the map, activate the ability and is more likely than not to immobilise the entire, or at least the majority of the enemy team. On top of that, he packs a rocket launcher that has more ammo than any equivalent in the game.

Bishop is much like Rein, except in the Support class, but his base stats aren't bad. Whenever you see an annoying operator, chances are that Bishop's jammer will counter them since it strips their abilities and positive effects. The jammers are hard to see by the enemy so they will have to choose between searching for them and getting shot in the back, just enduring the debuffs in a firefight or giving up the entire area. None of them are good and a competent Bishop will be overbearing throughout the entire match.

Fortress can't be obtained until BOPE operators come out. Her weapon is powerful, the ability is basically a mine that also marks any survivors so if they don't die outright, they will be stuck with wallhack effects against them. Creme de la creme is her gadget, which gives the entire team incendiary ammo.

Yingzhou is incredibly annoying with a slug shotgun that has much more range than you would expect. He also doesn't suffer nearly as much spread from walking while aiming down sights, allowing him to peek around corners or cover better than any sniper in the game. His ability makes him and his allies in the bubble nigh indestructible and his grenade launcher with a ton of ammo is nothing to scoff at either.

Kit doesn't actually have much going for him except a game-changing ability. His flag can resurrect allies and cause inadvertent flanks, which is always a good thing.

Wargaming Caliber operators are Caliber operators range from borderline useless to having potential to carry an entire team


  • Freyr
  • Shersheret
  • Velour
  • Schatz
  • Bones

Oh look, another Swede among the best operators. Medics are usually there to heal the team but Freyr is there to win firefights for them. His heal is instant, returns a significant chunk of health and affects all allies on the map. If your ally was losing a firefight, you are there to correct the issues. He can also resurrect extremely fast. Watch out for Freyr's weak spots which is the significant cooldown on the heal and a pretty bad primary weapon.

Shersheret is a pocket healer that can be a fantastic addition to the assault for unprecedented flanking potential, to the support for holding positions longer than expected or the marksman who will not have to look behind for potential flankers, allowing them to pick off enemies with no risk. Her weapon is great and she can recharge people's gadgets. Pair her with Fortress just to add some extra misery to enemy teams that go the distance with you. Shersheret's main weakness is that she relies on allies and is not built to carry the game on her own.

Velour can buff up to two teammates before a ranked round begins, giving them extra armour. He is quite nimble despite the bulky appearance and he can wipe entire teams if he gets in the optimal range of his P90. Make sure to pack the Heavy Barrel for an even quicker time to kill.

Shatz is best described as an assault pretending to be a medic. He can drop heals for allies to pick up later while he is flanking the enemy team with his deadly MP7. The flashbangs allow him to clear rooms without sacrificing survivability if you can land them.

Bones has one of the best primary weapons in the game, heals constantly in a huge area of effect without spending stamina, and her doggo drone can revive allies without the operator having to expose herself. If enemies destroy the drone, you can just pick it up and release it at full HP once again.


  • Vidarr
  • Eima
  • Scout
  • Sultan
  • Diablo

The last Swede on the list, Vidarr, is unusually agile for a marksman, making him hard to catch but more importantly, his drone can seek enemies on its own and destroy them behind cover. This makes him a force to be reckoned with even in enclosed spaces without clear lines of sight, which is another thing that is unusual for marksmen. His weapon is extremely powerful and if he is the last one standing in the team, he can increase his damage significantly.

Eima is somewhat similar but she is powerful in close quarters due to her secondary weapon, a fully automatic Glock. It is also hard to surprise Eima due to her gadget that reveals every enemy around her. At longer ranges, the primary weapon is pretty good and adaptable. If you want suppression, you use the telescopic sight and if you want to stun enemies, go for the collimator. In the aforementioned close and even mid-range encounters, Eima can stun an enemy with her primary weapon and finish them off with the sidearm, without giving them a chance to shoot back.

Scout is a pretty aggressive marksman since he has a battle rifle instead of a sniper rifle. His flare will reveal enemies wherever he throws it, making him more akin to assaults than his own role. Then again, the SCAR is powerful at ranges longer than those of weapons native to the assaults so he can fit both roles just fine, with claymore mines to watch his back.

Sultan is the ruler of long-range maps. He is one of the few operators with bolt-action rifles that has hitscan rounds instead of fairly slow projectiles. Using his gadget well means you will be close to invisible to the enemies, making this operator extremely scary in every map that has long lanes without dense cover. Even in close range, he is not defenceless, thanks to his automatic sidearm.

Diablo trolls medics all day long by not letting them heal allies, thanks to his incendiary rounds, fired from one of the best DMRs in the game. He also packs a grenade launcher, just in case the marksman needs to blow up groups of enemies or someone dares use cover against him.


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