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Twitch Drops rewards announced for Caliber

Published: 00:10, 14 April 2023
Caliber - Bourbon, the SEAL support
Caliber - Bourbon, the SEAL support

Caliber has been released only recently but it already jumped on the marketing campaign for viewership.

Tactical shooter games are hit or miss when it comes to the enjoyment of the viewing experience but Caliber is pretty easy to follow and get into.

It appears that the developers are also aware of this and want to get as many people as possible to watch the game on Twitch in order to maximise interest in the game.

To that end, they released a set of in-game goodies that will be awarded if you watch featured Caliber streamers long enough.

The rewards in the first run include:

  • Amphibia Epic Outfit for SEAL Support Bourbon
  • Tree Climber Animated Emblem
  • Striker Emote for all operators
  • Black Gold Camo for all operators

Bourbon's outfit is probably the biggest highlight here. Operators in Caliber look cool on their own but after so many matches with the same operators, players will undoubtedly need some change and even cosmetic ones will do.

As per usual, each drop is sealed behind a certain timed watched threshold so make sure you check in periodically to claim your reward and start the progress on the next one.

Remember - if you don't claim a reward, the stream can go on for countless hours and you will not get progress for the next one.


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