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List of Caliber servers available at Steam launch

Published: 12:03, 07 April 2023
1C Game Studio
Caliber combat sometimes gets hectic
Caliber combat sometimes gets hectic

Caliber is putting an end to one of the major issues the game had with additional servers to combat lag in various regions of the world.

Online games are extremely annoying when you have to play with a ping disadvantage and this has been one of the major impedances for the growth of Caliber , the third-person shooter from 1C Game Studios .

With a lack of servers around the world, it was basically only Europe and parts of Asia that could enjoy the game properly while the rest had to deal with 200 milliseconds of latency on a good day.

This is changing when Caliber launches on Steam, on April 12, 2023.

On Steam launch, the game will have servers in:

  • West coast North America
  • East coast North America
  • South America
  • Western Europe
  • Russian and CIS server

1C Caliber KSK collection Caliber KSK collection

While still not global per se, the server coverage is much bigger now and it was primarily North American players who suffered high ping during the pre-Steam times.

With servers for both the east and west coast, this should no longer be an issue and they will get to enjoy a mostly lag-free experience. 


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