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Redfall won't have 60 FPS option on consoles at launch

Published: 23:59, 13 April 2023
Redfall - Things about to get messy
Redfall - Things about to get messy

Disappointing news are headed the current-gen console owners' way, at least when it comes to Redfall.

Redfall is supposed to be the next big thing from Bethesda and Arkane but the game's hype train has derailed a couple of times already and the settings at launch are likely to cause more issues.

Namely, the game will not be ready to run at 60 FPS on either Xbox Series X or S and the players will instead have to settle for high-resolution output.

In both cases, Redfall will run at 30 FPS which may hamper the players' experience significantly due to the need of smooth frame rates in fast-paced gunfights.

Xbox Series S will only have the 1440p mode at launch while Xbox Series X will be in 4K.

Performance mode is coming at some point after release but gamers are generally getting fed up with the whole "release now, patch later" philosophy when it comes to basic features, like polished gameplay.

While the issue may seem isolated to consoles at first glance, there is no guarantee PC will fare much better. This is a first party title for Xbox and it still wasn't optimised for launch.

It is likely some PC configurations will be able to run it at 60 FPS but the question remains - will the majority of players who haven't splurged for the most powerful components on the market be able to get a stable frame rate?


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