Caliber leveling rewards: Which operators to pick

Published: 11:32, 17 April 2023
Updated: 10:31, 22 May 2023
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Caliber - The initial choice between the four operators. Stern has a rocket launcher, just saying.
Caliber - The initial choice between the four operators. Stern has a rocket launcher, just saying.

Caliber offers up to four operators for free to the new players and here is a quick guide on which ones to choose.

Caliber has four classes that players can specialise in or they can choose to flex, meaning they play all the classes. 

If you are looking to commit to a single class, choosing the intro and training rewards is easy - just pick whatever operator from that particular class is offered.

On the other hand, if you want to diversify and pick the best operators from each class, it gets a little tricky, especially for a new player with up to 20 matches under their belt. Here are all the rewards that are offered and suggestions on which ones to pick.

Operator selection

As soon as you get into Caliber for the first time, you will have to choose between four operators - Volk, Stern, Monk and Sztylet. Besides Stern, none of the operators are even close to the top of their class so it's quite clear who to pick up here - the Support with a rocket launcher.

Once you're done with the prologue, you will get the Training objectives. First, you will get a choice of new operators at five, 10 and 15 matches played.

At five matches played, the choice is between Volk, Bishop, Schatz and Tien. The last two are both solid choices but I would suggest going with Schatz who is one of the best operators in the game but also because the choice of Medics in subsequent tiers is not that good.

When you get to 10 matches played, the choice is between Koszmar, Almaz, Monk and Kurt. Both Koszmar and Kurt are good picks and their subsequent counterparts are not as good. My suggestion here is Kurt because the gap between him and the 15-match Marksman is more significant than that of Koszmar and his counterpart.

1C Company Caliber - Training rewards example Caliber - Training rewards example

With 15 matches under your belt, you get the choice of Corsair, Bourbon, Ded and Sztylet. Corsair is the choice to go if you want to have one of each class here since you are only missing an Assault. He is among the elite in his class and is not banned that often in Ranked.

If go with Bourbon in this tier and still want an Assault, finish the 20 matches to obtain a Credit reward that will let you purchase one more operator. At that point, you will have enough to purchase an operator that costs 150,000 or fewer Credits. By default, Corsair, Sterling, Rein, Koszmar and Plut are at that or lower cost and are some of the best Assaults available.

Also keep an eye out on the price of Starkadr, Aphela, Mustang and Faro. These operators normally cost 200,000 Credits but they might be on the weekly sale, which discounts them to 150,000.


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