Caliber: How to mark AA guns for destruction

Published: 23:54, 24 April 2023
Updated: 00:38, 25 April 2023
1C Game Studios
Caliber - One of the most annoying PvE missions
Caliber - One of the most annoying PvE missions

Caliber has a few things it doesn't communicate well and completing one of the PvE missions in the desert area qualifies in this group.

Caliber  turned out to be a really great game since its release on Steam but there are still some negative sides to it.

One of the problems is that 1C Game Studios didn't communicate the some of the mission objectives properly, like the destruction of the AA guns to protect a drone.

The first few AA guns are pretty straightforward - they are immobile, you plant an explosive and they blow up.

However, at the end of the mission, the team needs to defend a position with a computer in it while enemies swarm from all sides. On top of that, an AA gun will pop up from time to time, requiring you to mark it for destruction and it is this step the players usually fail on.

The reason is that the game has several ways of interacting with the environment, such as using special power-ups or pressing the interact button and neither of these work with the AA guns. Instead, you have to mark them with the contextual ping button, which is bound to C by default.

1C Game Studios Caliber - Marking the antenna for destruction Caliber - Marking the antenna for destruction

For reference, it is the same button you can hold to open the wheel that would allow you to thank teammates or greet them.

That said, you still need to leave cover in order to get a sight line to the AA gun, mark it and then make it back before getting gunned down. After three AA guns, you will also need to mark an antenna, at which point it the mission will conclude and you will be victorious.


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