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Valorant: Fade's email and Harbor's voicemail in the test server

Published: 07:06, 20 October 2022
Fade, Valorant's most picked Initiator
Fade, Valorant's most picked Initiator

The Valorant test server has some fresh new content for those eager to know more about the lore and connections between agents. Light has been shed on the relationship between Fade, Harbor and Skye.

Valorant 's test server has given the players a new bit of lore that includes some of the agents that the community hasn't really heard of much.

Riot was always creative in the way they drop new lore, doing so through emails, conversations or just voicemails that the player can find while exploring the Range's offices. This has always invited the players to pay more attention to the little details around the area.

The conversation that was recorded in Cypher's office spoke about the artefact and gave us a bit of an insight in Astra's lore and a potential new map leak.

When you go down into Brimstone's office over at the Range, as usual, you find a phone on the couch and a laptop on the table.

r/Valorant Fade's email and more info about the artefact Fade's email and more info about the artefact

The laptop displays an email from Fade, the agent that was released before Harbor. In the email she states:

"The accounts are purged. Greaves cannot follow Varun further, and our anonymity is preserved. What Greaves does next, I cannot say. I suspect we'll see little of him. For now. But silence and stillness are not the same. He conceals a trail of his own.

Also: Skye recovered Varun's bike. That should buy us some good will."

This, combined with the conversation between Harbor and Astra, hints at a potential clash between Valorant and Realm over the Lost City.

The phone plays a voicemail of Harbor thanking Brim for gathering the whole team to save him. He explains that he is still very weary of his surrounds and isn't quite sure who to trust yet. He says that he feels this way due to him being hunted for so long but that he will never forget Brimstone's favour. 


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