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Valorant: Astra gets her spot in the lore

Published: 08:30, 19 October 2022
Astra, one of Valorants less popular controller

Astra was never in the centre of the spotlight, but all of this changes as she becomes one of the main characters in Harbor's story. What is the story of Astra?

Riot has given us some new juicy lore over on Valorant 's test server. Astra finally has her five minutes of fame as one of the first agents to show Harbor around the place.

Once the player enters Cypher 's office over at the Range, they find an audio clip of a conversation between Astra and Harbor, discussing his bracelet as well as the location that she had previously discovered.

Astra reassures Harbor that he is safe now and no longer has to worry about anyone hunting him. As they are conversing about the power of the bracelet, she points out the engravings on the sides.

While he didn't manage to find any information on the engravings, Astra identifies them as the "out of this world language" of the Guardians, proving their existence.

While she is not fluent, she recognizes the words "Guardian", "Flower", "Gift" and "Key". She then continues by mentioning the Lost City of Flowers(Nexus) built by the Guardians.

Riot The Lost City Astra mentions to Harbor The Lost City Astra mentions to Harbor

Harbor states that the city she is talking about is gone, decimated, sabotaged and inaccessible on Alpha. This led to Astra concluding that they have to travel to Omega as soon as possible as the city over on Omega might still be intact.

The conversation ends with both of them agreeing that they need to speak to Killjoy and bring her the bracelet. 


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