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Four Need For Speed Unbound screenshots leaked via Japanese website

Published: 16:33, 05 October 2022
Need for Speed: Unbound
Need for Speed: Unbound

Need for Speed: Unbound is getting some kind of reveal soon but before that happens, there are four leaked screenshots that tease the vehicles available in the game.

Racing games are highly dependant on the vehicles that are featured in them as they are the most crucial part of channeling the experience of a high-speed chase or winning a competition on four wheels which is why it's so interesting to see the car rosters in any Need for Speed game that pops up.

While Need for Speed: Unbound reveal is imminent, the fans got a closer look at what it has to offer through four leaked images, each featuring a different vehicle.

The one that will probably draw the most attention is the second-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse which is an all-time favourite of car and street race enthusiasts.

It may not be the most powerful or the fastest of cars around but the vast customisation possibilities and popularisation through earlier NFS titles as well as Fast and Furious movies will make sure everyone is hyped to give the little car another go.

EA Need for Speed: Unbound - The four leaked vehicles Need for Speed: Unbound - The four leaked vehicles

The site was already translated and it appears that EA are touting the weird graffiti-style visual effects as a selling point which may not sit well with some fans due to the distracting vibrant colours that contrast the usually realistic aesthetic of NFS games.

It also mentions the soundtrack contributions from A$AP Rocky, AWGE and the french producer Brodinsky.

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