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Street Fighter 6 crushes Steam Charts fighting games record

Published: 00:03, 03 June 2023
Street Fighter 6 - Looking for a high score? You got one
Street Fighter 6 - Looking for a high score? You got one

Street Fighter 6 is soaring and it has barely been two days since the game released in full capacity.

Capcom knocked it out of the park with Street Fighter 6 as the game became bigger than any other fighting title on PC in the history of the industry.

Namely, the game achieved a huge concurrent player peak of 66,317 people playing at the same time, which is a whole lot more than any of its competitors ever managed.

The previous record holder, when it comes to fighting games, was Dragon Ball FighterZ , with 44,234 concurrent player peak.

Long-time rivals of Capcom's fighting series only managed just over 50 per cent of SF6's success with Mortal Kombat 11 standing at 35,147 while Tekken 7 had "just" 18,966 concurrent players at the peak.

Fighting games have mostly been a console thing but with the advent of crossplay, it appears that people have fewer reservations about getting them on PC.

After all, the main argument for not getting a fighting title on PC was that the player base was not big enough to have a proper competitive ground and that problem has been eliminated by including all the platforms into one huge pool of players.

Additionally, Street Fighter 6 feels genuinely innovative in an era when games are becoming stale with shot callers often opting to just copy the past works of others.


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