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Capcom Cup X prize pool is the biggest in the tournament's history

Published: 11:12, 21 February 2023
Street Fighter 6 - Dhalshim doing something funky with an elephant
Street Fighter 6 - Dhalshim doing something funky with an elephant

Capcom Cup X will feature the newest game in Street Fighter series and to celebrate the occasion, it will also have the biggest prize pool so far.

Capcom announced that the Capcom Cup X will feature a grand prize of $1 million and the game of choice this time around will be Street Fighter 6 , which is due to release on June 1, 2023.

Mind you, the one mill is just for the winner while the other participants will earn smaller but still significant cash prizes, meaning the total prize pool for Capcom Cup X will be $2 million.

Both the grand prize and prize pool are the biggest ever for the event.

While it is the crown jewel, the Capcom Cup is only a part of the Capcom Pro Tour which will feature offline, online and regional events.

Capcom Street Fighter 6 - Juri Street Fighter 6 - Juri

Anyone who wants to register can do so at the official Capcom Pro Tour website and follow the latest happenings via Twitter or Twitch channel.

Interestingly enough, only PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S are the platforms for Street Fighter 6 so Xbox One gang will have to miss out on the experience.


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