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Street Fighter 6 release date leaked, coming in mid-2023

Published: 13:15, 08 December 2022
Street Fighter 6 - A battle about to begin
Street Fighter 6 - A battle about to begin

Street Fighter 6 will release in roughly half a year according to the latest leak from PlayStation.

Capcom  will have reason to be unhappy with the employees' attention to detail or rather lack thereof because someone left the Street Fighter 6 release date visible in the PSN store.

Street Fighter 6 is set to release on June 2, 2022

While the leak is significant, it's not the first one regarding the game as the entire roster's art was previously made public knowledge before an official announcement.

The video and images in question show the release date as 6/2/2023 which may lead some fans to believe it's February 6 but the date format appears to be MM/DD/YYYY.

Capcom Street Fighter 6 - Juri Street Fighter 6 - Juri doing her thing

On top of that, EVO tournaments usually happen close to the end of summer with fighting games often releasing only a few months prior, to give players enough time to train but also keep the game fresh to gather a bigger audience.

The game will have quite the competition during the release month with Final Fantasy XVI and Diablo 4 also coming in June 2023.


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